Sunday School: Our Sunday School Program has 53 children and uses the "Growing in Christ" education program from Concordia Publishing House.

Christmas Eve: A tradition for over 50 years is our Sunday School Christmas Eve Program on December 24th at 7:00 pm. The Sunday School and Junior Choir prepare skits and songs with the Christmas message.

Junior Choir: Our Junior Choir has 16 members and meet every Monday at 3:45 pm for practice and sing during our Sunday Services. They also sing at the annual Carol Festival, Trinity's Christmas Eve Program, and at the Potashville Music Festival. The director is Vallery Putland.

Senior Choir: The Senior Choir has 19 members that meet in November to prepare songs for Christmas, and then in February to prepare songs for the Easter Season. As well as Sunday Services, the choir performs at the annual Carol Festival in December and the Christmas Eve Program.

Vacation Bible School: We have a growing VBS every summer and use the Concordia Publishing program. In 2011 we averaged 41 children over 4 day and in 2012 we averaged 55 children for a full week with one day having 58!

LWML: Stands for Lutheran Women's Missionary League. We have 23 faithful members who are "Called to Serve". We meet the 1st Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm. We have bible study followed by our business meeting and dessert. The LWML activities include participating in LWML Sunday, the Annual Senior Christmas Supper, organize quilting for CLWR, the Annual Quilting Tea, and much more! President is Ellen Spilchen.